Merry Christmas !

Here is a little Christmas card we did together with Clo! .

Merry Christmas everyone !


Office raid aftermath

Concept art done as part of a test. The raiders were after something very specific so the office wasn't completely ransacked. The manager, who was working late, is an unfortunate casualty.

Mont-Saint-Michel Resort

A quick demo; probably what Mont-Saint-Michel would look like if it was bought by Center Parks in some cheesy SF flick :)

This one is based on a photo, with the kind permission of Christian Kraft at www.followingthedream.com :


Studies - SF city

A rough sketch and two quick light studies for a personal illustration.


Revisiting last night SP

I decided to play a bit more with last night SP and try something else.


SP practice

Hi ! Opening this blog with a little no-refs no-plate environment speedpaint practice.